The little book of breastfeeding!/cover This little 25 page book is a fantastic book for new parents. It gives you very good scientific information to help you avoid the inevitable conflicting advice many new families struggle with. It explains how your milk is made and the composition of your milk. It gives a really good timeline of before, immediately

Lactation Consultant Perth

Breastfeeding Heroes Series: It is such a privilege to work with new families as a lactation consultant in Perth. With permission from families and without using real names I would like to share with you some breastfeeding hero stories from last year during the COVID lock down period. Jane had little Ida at 42 weeks

A New Baby is Family Time

The restrictions in place to help reduce the spread of corona virus have really made it tough for many new families. If you know someone needing more support, I’m here to provide it. A new baby brings a family together. Family support brings so much comfort and confidence. Initially it’s pretty scary having your first

Babies Weight

As health professionals we use weighing babies only as a quick guide (a screening tool) to confirm growth Lets see some facts about weighing babies The average birthweight of a term baby (37-40 weeks) is between 2,500-4,000g. Birth weight is a marker of intrauterine environment. These markers include length of pregnacy size of parents birth

Tips for new parents

There is nothing more significant in life that the birth of your first child. It can be very joyful but it is definitely not without its challenges Nothing can really prepare you for how life changes Looking after yourself and your relationships while caring for your new baby can help relieve some uncertainty and prevent

Conflicting Advice

One of the most common concerns I hear from new families is that everyone is telling them something different. As if it isn’t hard enough as it is having a new baby without this barrage of conflicting information from midwives in hospital, to GPs, child health nurse, paediatricians, friends and family and of course the

A new baby, breastfeeding problems?

New babies don’t come with any instructions! It’s natures way of teaching right from the start to trust yourself, your body and your family. The first 6 weeks are pretty tough and gruelling, a bit like running a marathon. We know from research that if you have breastfeeding confidence you will breastfeeding for longer. So

Virtual Consultations for any Breastfeeding Concerns

Unprecedented times!! We are all in this together and it will pass. Taking care of yourself and minimising contact with others will see us through. Please contact me if you have having difficulties. I am well set up for zoom face time consultations. If we can not get your problem resolving with a virtual session