No Problem is Insurmountable!

Being overwhelmed at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey is a common feeling Most problems are multi factorial and need close support and guidance. Guiding a new mother through to reach her breastfeeding goals is the most rewarding job anyone can have! October 2022 “Having Cathy as my LC has been a positive and valuable

Ready and Available

I’m back from my wonderful holiday. Contact me for any breastfeeding concerns on 0407778183. No problem is insurmountable, together we work out a plan of action, the over the next 6 weeks I guide you through your personal plan. As I will be your private lactation consultant you and I will be in close contact

Holiday Time

I am visiting my son and daughter in law in Sweden until 24 th August. It is so nice to see them after 2 1/2 years. Sharon Perrella 0410 056 779 is a wonderful lactation consultant and would be very happy to help with any breastfeeding issues while i’m away.

5 Breastfeeding Tips

Most mothers want to breastfeed their babies. In Australia 96% of new mothers initiate breastfeeding, the rates drop dramatically, at 3 months 39% are still exclusively breastfeeding. We all need to support and help woman reach their breastfeeding goals. Here are some tips for new mums: Consider expressing antenatally 2. Be informed about how babies

Times they are a changing …….

With Covid, floods, our hottest summer ever, countries invading their neighbours it’s a pretty strange world we live in presently. More than ever we need to cherish every moment of life. These times are unprecedented so let’s stick together, support each other, care for and nurture one another and the world. Mahatma Gandhi once said

It takes a village to raise a child

Thinking of all the new families out there that don’t have their family around them. You could be isolated from your family because of the COVID restrictions, maybe you are a refugee having had to flee from you home country or perhaps you are an immigrate (like my grandmother in the photo). Having a new

5 Tips for Building Babies Brains

1. READ together as a daily, fun, family activity It’s never too young to start reading with your baby. Reading to your child, research suggests, boosts activity in parts of the brain that form the building blocks of language, literacy skills and imagination. 2. RHYME, play, talk, sing and cuddle together throughout the day It’s no accident

Website hack, no fun

Sorry to anyone trying to access my website in the last couple of weeks, it has been under attack by hackers. New world problem! It is all back up and running now with added protection now installed. Check out the very basic videos for breastfeeding positions, hand expressing, setting up and using a breast pump