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Want to know more about how your breastfed baby feeds?

Then why not join this study at The University of Western Australia The Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group This research group right here in little old Perth is a very important world renowned research team that has studied many aspects of breastfeeding and discovered many new things about breastmilk, how mothers and babies feed and… Read More »

Holiday Time For Me

My husband and I are about to jump on a plane to Europe, I’m so excited!! We are going to Holland, Portugal and Sweden (to visit our son and his girlfriend) We  had a pretty full on year last year, we got married after 31 years of being together, we had a beautiful camping honeymoon… Read More »

New Spectra pumps have arrived

The new Spectra 2 pumps that have been on back order are now here. Both Debbie and myself have the Spectra S2 and the s9 available for either hire or sale. These pumps do an awesome job and are very well priced. Debbie and I are always happy to show you how to use them to… Read More »

Dr Liz Whan

Paediatric doctors highly recommended. Dr Liz Whan has now started working at McCourt St Paediatrics. Dr Lynda Chadwick also has sessions at this practice. If your child needs to see a specialist at all this is a very good practice with a range of medical specialists all under one roof. Tongue tie Dr Liz Whan has… Read More »

Where to buy Spectra breast pumps in Perth

Breast pumps I now sell S2 and S9 Spectra breast pumps. I also stock a range of different shield sizes along with other spare parts. Most mothers these days want to be able to express their milk for their baby for a range of different reasons, contact me if you wish to discuss your needs… Read More »

New look website

After a couple of weeks my website is back up and running, thanks so much to my wonderful web mistress Chelsea. My site was hacked, a modern day problem I hear, Im sorry if you happened to see it when it was not in a “healthy state”. Please troll through the information I have gathered… Read More »