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Want to know more about how your breastfed baby feeds?

Then why not join this study at The University of Western Australia The Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group This research group right here in little old Perth is a very important world renowned research team that has studied many aspects of breastfeeding and discovered many new things about breastmilk, how mothers and babies feed and… Read More »

Love is the most important thing for a new baby!

  When breastfeeding doesn’t work out Throughout time there have always been mothers who’s bodies cannot produce enough milk for their baby’s needs or for other reasons breastfeeding has just not worked. When experience has failed to meet expectations the situation can result in a grave personal sense of loss for the new mother. Emotions… Read More »

Perth Baby Expo FREE TICKETS

Free tickets My sister Debbie from Gowiththeflowparenting and I are planning to have a stall at the Perth Baby Expo this year in July/ August. If you follow the link here you will be able to download free tickets. I’m getting in early so you can share this with your friends. We will be there to… Read More »

Suffering with mastitis? Why not enroll in this study

Curtin University, The University of Western Australia and Monash University are conducting a study on mastitis. They are looking for mothers experiencing mastitis to join their study.   Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection. Mastitis is a common breastfeeding problem, reported to occur in one in six women.  … Read More »

Breastfeeding Studies at The University of Western Australia

Milk Profile We lend BabyWeigh scales to mothers who would like to measure their milk profile by weighing their baby before and after each breastfeed or expression from each breast for a period of 24-26 hours, at home, and collecting a small (<1 mL) milk sample each time their baby is weighed. From these data… Read More »

New research centres to support breastfeeding mothers a world first | University News : The University of Western Australia

Mothers, breastfeeding infants, families and the community will benefit from the creation of major new research positions in human lactation (breastfeeding) at The University of Western Australia, as a result of a $8.6 million donation provided by The Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation.The research team will include an Endowed Chair in Human Lactology (the first in the… Read More »