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Kimberley calling

I have always had a passion for working with our indigenous mothers and babies. I know they can teach me soooo much about breastfeeding because their culture is very strong and breastfeeding is normal in their society. Sadly its not so normal in Western society now. We need to learn how to make it normal… Read More »

Holiday Time For Me

My husband and I are about to jump on a plane to Europe, I’m so excited!! We are going to Holland, Portugal and Sweden (to visit our son and his girlfriend) We  had a pretty full on year last year, we got married after 31 years of being together, we had a beautiful camping honeymoon… Read More »

Breastfeeding through the years

I have had a long standing passionate desire to work with our indigenous people. They master breastfeeding so easily compared to the rest of us and I really want to learn from them how they do it so easily and successfully. My sister Debbie  also works as a private lactation consultant and has the same… Read More »

The Elizabeth Clinic – New to Perth

The Elizabeth Clinic is officially open!!! The Elizabeth Clinic is a specialist multidisciplinary service supporting the health of mothers, fathers, babies and small children 222 Stirling Highway Claremont, Western Australia 0407 858 393 http://www.elizabethclinic.com.au/ Dr Caroline Zanetti and Dr Julia Feutrill are so pleased to be able to offer an affordable, inclusive comprehensive health service to… Read More »

Breastfeeding Studies at The University of Western Australia

Milk Profile We lend BabyWeigh scales to mothers who would like to measure their milk profile by weighing their baby before and after each breastfeed or expression from each breast for a period of 24-26 hours, at home, and collecting a small (<1 mL) milk sample each time their baby is weighed. From these data… Read More »