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Having difficulty with breastfeeding?

Cathy Garbin provides a private lactation consultant service, home visiting families in the
Perth and surrounding areas.

What happens at a home visit consultation?


  • We arrange a day and time as soon as possible for your home visit.
  • At the home visit we discuss all your concerns.
  • It is important that breastfeeding is comfortable: we ensure your positioning and attachment is optimal.
  • We need to know your baby is getting the milk she/he needs: We weigh your baby with accurate sensitive scales before then after the breastfeed, the difference in grams is the weight of your breastmilk, this very closely equates to mLs your baby receives for that feed.
  • Together we then develop a management plan to address all concerns.
  • I will provide you with relevant written evidenced based information handouts, as needed.
  • It is very important for you to feel supported, happy and confident with breastfeeding: to this end we have frequent ongoing telephone/text/email contact after the home visit for the next 6 weeks. This ensures we follow through on your plan, monitor your progress and adjust the plan as we need. On average 6 hours contact (including weekend contact as needed).

The total cost is $350. Further home visits are $150 per revisit.

For Skype/telephone consults please email/ring to arrange times. $100 for a consult.

Claimable from some health funds.


Gift vouchers available

Gift Voucher

If you are a partner, parent, aunty or uncle, sibling, work colleague or friend, a gift voucher for this service is a wonderful present for the new family. The new family having their own private consultant to help navigate those early weeks reduces stress and eliminates the common complaint from new mothers that “everyone is telling them something different”

Ring to arrange this service.



Every breastfeeding relationship is unique; why you might want a consultation img01p01

  • Maybe you are feeling confused and unsure, because you have received so much conflicting advice.
  • If your nipples are sore or damaged you may need help with breastfeeding technique. It is not normal to have sore nipples from breastfeeding. The problem can be rectified. Left unattended, sore nipples can be an unfortunate and unnecessary cause of early weaning.
  • Maybe you have concerns or problems with your milk supply- too much or too little.
  • You might require help to establish breastfeeding. Your baby may have poor attachment to the breast and or an inefficient suck.
  • Perhaps your baby is unsettled and you are worried, confused or are having difficulty dealing with this.
  • You may have twins or multiples.
  • Perhaps your baby was preterm.
  • You may have unusual breasts or nipples, a history of breast surgery, are physically disabled, or have mastitis (inflamed, sore breasts) or recurrent blocked ducts.
  • Weaning or/and introducing solids may be proving to be difficult.
  • You might live overseas, or in a rural or remote area and want to have access to a private consultant.
  • You may wish to offer a visitation gift voucher to a loved one, friend or colleague so they can receive extra support in those first 6 weeks of their new baby’s life.
  • You may wish to have your own private child health consultant to personally tailor care, support and education to your specific needs.

How you will benefit from the service

  • You have a unique personalised service.
  • Women provide the best food for babies. Breast milk is naturally produced especially for your baby. It is fresh, full of goodness – literally a living fluid.
  • You and your baby will be happier and healthier when breastfeeding is well established.

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