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  7. Gillian

    Hi Cathy,
    I’m interested in getting your help for my twin boys (9 weeks old – 2.5 corrected).

    I live in Swambourbe.
    I’ve had some help from KEMH but I would like more regular support and someone to come to my home.

    Do you have availability?
    Thank you Gillian

    1. Cathy Garbin

      Hi Gillian,
      I would normally be very happy to visit but I am about to follow my dream of working with Aboriginal mothers and babies and have take a position for a 6 month contract to work up north. I leave on Monday. Perhaps you might want to contact Dr Sharon Perrella 0410056779, she is happy for me to pass mothers that contact me to her and she is wonderful. All the best Cathy


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