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Cathy Garbin is a lactation consultant providing home visits to families in the IMG_2725Perth and surrounding areas.

Her interest in family health intensified after having two children of her own.

She has been in private practice as a lactation consultant since 1999. In this time she has visited hundreds of families in their homes and in hospitals.

Cathy spent 71/2 years working with the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group at the University of Western Australia as a research associate, doing lactation research. This group is recognised worldwide for its work in the area under the direction of Professor Peter Hartmann. During this time her breastfeeding knowledge vastly increased and she presented at many breastfeeding conferences within Australia and internationally.

Cathy produces and hosts parenting workshops for families. She also provides intensive one-day study sessions for health professionals in rural and metropolitan areas.

She has been involved with the College of Lactation Consultants of Western Australia since its inception in 1999. Cathy was Education Officer from 2002-2004, and was responsible for overseeing the organisation of conferences, guest speakers and public awareness campaigns.

Good evidenced based management as soon as possible can help avoid complicated, protracted and distressing problems.

What happens at a home visit consultation?


  • We arrange a day and time as soon as possible for your home visit.
  • At the home visit we discuss all your concerns.
  • It is important that breastfeeding is comfortable: we ensure your positioning and attachment is optimal.
  • We need to know your baby is getting the milk she/he needs: We weigh your baby with accurate sensitive scales before then after the breastfeed, the difference in grams is the weight of your breastmilk, this very closely equates to mLs your baby receives for that feed.
  • Together we then develop a management plan to address all concerns.
  • I will provide you with relevant written evidenced based information handouts, as needed.
  • It is very important for you to feel supported, happy and confident with breastfeeding: to this end we have frequent ongoing telephone/text/email contact after the home visit for the next 6 weeks. This ensures we follow through on your plan, monitor your progress and adjust the plan as we need. On average 6 hours contact (including weekend contact as needed).

The total cost is $300. Further home visits are $150 per revisit.

For Skype consults please email to arrange times. $100 for a consult.

Claimable from some health funds.




If you are a partner, parent, aunty or uncle, sibling, work colleague or friend, a gift voucher for this service is a wonderful present for the new family

Every breastfeeding relationship is unique; why you might want a consultation img01p01

  • Maybe you are feeling confused and unsure, because you have received so much conflicting advice.
  • If your nipples are sore or damaged you may need help with breastfeeding technique. It is not normal to have sore nipples from breastfeeding. The problem can be rectified. Left unattended, sore nipples can be an unfortunate and unnecessary cause of early weaning.
  • Maybe you have concerns or problems with your milk supply- too much or too little.
  • You might require help to establish breastfeeding. Your baby may have poor attachment to the breast and or an inefficient suck.
  • Perhaps your baby is unsettled and you are worried, confused or are having difficulty dealing with this.
  • You may have twins or multiples.
  • Perhaps your baby was preterm.
  • You may have unusual breasts or nipples, a history of breast surgery, are physically disabled, or have mastitis (inflamed, sore breasts) or recurrent blocked ducts.
  • Weaning or/and introducing solids may be proving to be difficult.
  • You might live overseas, or in a rural or remote area and want to have access to a private consultant.
  • You may wish to offer a visitation gift voucher to a loved one, friend or colleague so they can receive extra support in those first 6 weeks of their new baby’s life.
  • You may wish to have your own private child health consultant to personally tailor care, support and education to your specific needs.

How you will benefit from the service

  • You have a unique personalised service.
  • Women provide the best food for babies. Breast milk is naturally produced especially for your baby. It is fresh, full of goodness – literally a living fluid.
  • You and your baby will be happier and healthier when breastfeeding is well established.

Contact Cathy

PhonecallSMLCathy Garbin lactation consultant

Home visits Perth area

P. 0407 778 183


21 thoughts on “Services for parents

    1. Erika

      Hi there, I have a 3 week old baby girl who is tongue tie. I’m really wanting to keep breast feeding but we seen to be having difficulties, she becomes frustrated exhausted falling asleep on the boob & waking still hungry.. I’ve been told by a pediatrician that she doesn’t need it snipped.. We would love to make an appointment to come see you regarding..
      Warm regards Erika

      1. Cathy Garbin

        Hi Erika,
        Tongue ties are very difficult in lots of ways and can have devastating effects on breastfeeding.
        Please ring me 0407778183 tomorrow so we can discuss your situation further, from here we can book an appointment for me to come and do a homevisit.
        Kind regards, Cathy

  1. Victoria Nelson

    Great work Cathy, such kind of websites are great source of knowledge and information. Especially for new or fist time mothers, it is very helpful. For a healthy baby mothers need to take proper care of themselves during and after the pregnancy, also while breastfeeding need to take care of right postures and timing for feeding the baby. All this is possible only by proper knowledge and guidance through such websites and doctors.

    1. Cathy Garbin

      Thanks, I’m glad you found my website useful. If you have any suggestions for other information that would be useful let me know

  2. Kristy

    Hi Cathy

    I am having a lot of difficulties weaning my 14 month old son. I really need some help and can not find much at all on weaning over 12 months. My son seems to use breastfeeding for comfort. He has always refused a bottle, a dummy, or any other pacifier. It’s just me, breastfeeding is his comforter & I am exhausted! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  3. Susanne

    hi there, my 4 month old in refusing to feed from me. she just screams and turns her head away. I’ve tried taking her to the chiropractor and that didn’t seem to help. my local health care nurse said its a normal thing for little one to refuse at this age. she said to just keep persevering with it and she will get better, but its been over a month and if anything she’s gotten worse. I’m at the stage where the bottle is starting to look like a good idea. I have 2 old kids also and it’s taking its toll on them also because mum is always busy with the bub.
    I am really looking for any help or ideas on what I can do, I am so lost on what to do.
    Thank Susie

    1. Cathy Garbin

      Hi Susie,
      This can happen for a week or so but as it’s getting worse not better it would be a good idea to see someone.
      I am overseas at the moment so will not be able to see you.
      I suggest if you are in Perth Western Australia you might want to make an appointment to see Dr Marnie Rowan, she has a breastfeeding clinic at Killowen House at St John of God Hospital ( the ex Mercy Hospital) on Tuesdays. She will have a good look at your whole situation and help you work out a plan of action. She is brilliant. Her number to book an appointment is 93709806.
      If the feeding has been going well till now I think with good support from someone like Marnie you should be able to get back on track.

      Perhaps in the meantime you may want to start expressing after feeds to ensure your milk supply doesn’t suffer.

      If you have any questions get back to me ASAP.
      Kind regards, Cathy

      1. Susanne

        Hi Cathy, I’ve had to start giving her the bottle. she was drink at night from me but has stopped that as well. express once or twice a day, but I don’t have much milk left. I live in the greenbushes down sout. do you know of any in the bunbury area? but I can’t see her drinking from me again.

  4. Hannah Cordy

    Hi Cathy
    I have a 6 week old baby girl and I had her lip tie and tongue tie lasered on Monday. She has to relearn how to breastfeed but she now just screams, crystal and kicks me. I’m beside myself and don’t know what to do. She feeds fine at night but I’m not even sure if she’s latching on properly, I’m just glad she is feeding. What do I do!?

    1. Hannah Cordy

      That’s meant to say screams, cries and kicks me…not crystal. Predictive text!

    2. Cathy Garbin

      Hi Hannah,
      Tough times by the sound of it.
      Please ring me so we can discuss the matter further, 0407778183.
      Babies sometimes have pain after the lasering, we also need to look at the whole breastfeeding relationship to ensure there in not other problems that need to be addressed such as your milk supply or positioning or more fine tuning of her attachment.
      Ring this evening if it suits or tomorrow.
      Kind regards, Cathy

  5. Rachel walker

    I am a first time mum who is desperate to breastfeed her beautiful girl. After asking many midwives if my baby was latching properly and being told yes, I told them it was still sore, to be told that in the beginning it is sore.
    Now I let it go for 5 days to get to the point of cracked and bleeding nipples. I am unable to breastfed her which is devastating me. I am currently using a breast pump, which isn’t exactly helping. I am putting on lanolin cream, and multi mum compresses. The nipple shield I used once to only cause the bleeding.
    I haven’t breastfed in 24 hours and not seen much healing.
    What do I do?

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Cathy Garbin

      Hi Rachel,
      Please ring me so we can discuss your situation and get some healing happening. 0407778183.
      If I dont answer leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.
      Kind regards, Cathy

  6. Kelly

    Hi Cathy

    I have a 8 week old who is falling asleep at the breast after a very short period of time and is very hard to wake again to keep feeding. Other times Bub’s keeps pulling off the breast & crying. This has been happening on & off for awhile now & I have been told by my clinic nurse that all is ok & to express what baby doesn’t drink to keep up my supply. This is often quite difficult Especially if I am not at home plus I have 2 other children to care for.
    I was expressing good amounts previously but now I barely get 10-15ml per breast!! Baby’s weight gain is starting to be affected & clinic nurse seems to think all is ok but my gut is telling me otherwise!!
    I am stressed & feeling quite down about it all as I despertaly want to breastfeed!! And I’m also worried my baby is hungry!!
    In the last 12hrs my breasts don’t feel full at all & im so worried!!
    Please could I arrange a time to see or speak with you to get your opinion & advice.
    If my milk supply has decreased is there a way I can increase it again??
    i really look forward to hearing from you.

    Thankyou in advance.

    Kind regards

    1. Cathy Garbin

      Hi Kelly,
      It sound like we need to have a good talk about your whole situation, give me a ring 0407778183 so we can discuss. If I dont answer leave a message and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.
      Kind regards, Cathy


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